Pregnancy Can Cause a Lot of Pain

Thanks to a chiropractor in Camas WA, I successfully got through my third pregnancy after experiencing pain I had never felt before. My first two pregnancies went by very easily. I didn’t even get morning sickness! Most of my friends couldn’t believe that I could be pregnant twice and have such an easy time of it. I think some people just have the genes that let them float through a pregnancy with little difficulty. At least that is what I thought until I got pregnant for a third time. This time around it was a whole different ball game.

The worst problem I had was constant pain in my back. I actually got quite worried that something was seriously wrong because this had never happened. My doctor shrugged it off and said this pregnancy was going to be more difficult and to just suck it up and get through it. That’s easy for him to say! I had problems walking the pain was so bad, and the fact that it was shooting down my legs sure didn’t help. Even sitting in a chair or lying in bed didn’t help the problem. I finally made an appointment with a chiropractor because I was going out of my mind.

It turns out I should have went to the chiropractor first because he immediately diagnosed the problem as pregnancy induced sciatica and started gently working on my back in such a way that I felt much better. He says it’s not going to go away completely until I give birth, but that there are stretches and exercises that I can do that will greatly reduce the pain and make the pregnancy much more bearable. I have to say doing the exercises and stretches sure is helping. I get occasional bad days, but most days moving around is quite easy.