Risks Are Worth It when They Bring About Fun

After I broke my leg, I have no idea it would take even longer to get back to normal. I still had a lot of trouble after the cast came off, and I only recently learned that my doctor should have sent me to physical therapy for a couple of months. It is because of that that I have decided to go to a Peoria chiropractor Instead. This is because I have heard such good things about what they do for their patients. The guy I go to seems to really care about my well-being. I have not had to go back to my doctor even once in the past 30 months for my leg.

I broke my leg while I was on a bicycle racing down a steep hill. I knew I shouldn’t do it, but the thrill of rushing down that steeply sloped hill was so enticing. I even felt like a kid again as I did it. But once I reached the bottom, my bike hit a very large rock that I didn’t see coming. I lost control and fell off. I somehow landed with my leg somewhat twisted up with my bike. The pain seared through my leg immediately. I knew that I had broken it, even though I had never suffered a broken bone before.

That day was a turning point for me. I had a lot of fun taking a risk. While, I broke a bone, the thrill of the fun that I was having that day was well worth it. I have now bought a mountain bike and I take it out every chance that I get. While I don’t play it completely safe, I do like to ride some of the trails in the mountains that are tough to do. I don’t think I will be stopping any time soon.