See It Before You Try It

I’m always curious about what kinds of hairstyles would look best on me. While I can always find out by getting a particular hairstyle, once I have the hairstyle, I can’t really change it if I don’t like it. If my hair is cut a particular way, then I’ll have to wait for it to grow back out again before I can get a new one. I came up with a creative solution to this by getting in touch with a company that does app development in Singapore to have a specific app made. The app works by taking a picture of the user and uses a database of hairstyles to determine what a person will look like with that hairstyle.

The app is customizable in many ways. When a hairstyle is selected, the user can change the color of their hair using a color palette with adjustable hues. The user can trim off pieces of hair in a two dimensional and three dimensional space. In the three dimensional space, a character model is created from the face of the user, and the user can rotate the model to see how a hairstyle looks at every angle. I consider this to be revolutionary because a lot of programs that take a user’s image only take a two dimensional space into account, providing a view from only the front.

I get a lot of use out of the app and even save money because I can avoid making a trip to the hair stylist to try out something that may not look good on me. My mom uses the app even more than I do. Before using the app, she used to only wear her hair in one style and color, but now she’s wearing different styles and going with more brighter colors than the basic black. She’s gone blond, done a dark red tint, had a stylish brown, and even worn a streak of white in her hair.