Seeing What I Could Have for My Rent Money Motivated Me to Move

My brother got frustrated with me when he came to visit and just told me to look at where I was living. I could afford a much nicer place, but I get used to things and kind of fear change. He took me around my apartment and pointed out that I had a pair of vice grip pliers on the shower faucet cold water side to turn it on. There was a soft spot on the bathroom floor too. The carpeting in the living room was threadbare. We got online to look at apartments, and you can click here to see what we found. The new place is super, and I do not think I will ever settle into just settling for things again.

I don’t know why I was living the way I did. It just sort of happened over time. You kind of get used to the place you are living at even if it is falling apart around you. I have moved several times as a child, and wanted some stability I guess. However, after seeing the District South apartments and seeing that the rent was the same as what I was paying, I got motivated to move. It was seeing the place in person that really got me motivated to move. I have nice things, and they would look a whole lot better in a new place that was brand new and very tastefully and functionally built. It kind of reminds me of a resort with how nice it is.

I can make home anywhere, but I do agree with my brother that it is much nicer to make a home where things are modern and not in need of being renovated. I finally have nice new stainless steel appliances and actually have granite countertops in the kitchen of my apartment. This is a great improvement. Oh, and no pliers in the shower either.