Shared Hosting or a VPS?

Out of all the forms of web hosting, the two most popular forms include shared hosting and virtual private servers. The basic difference between the two is that in case of former the same server is used for hosting thousands of sites, whereas Seattle VPS hosting is slightly advanced technology uses dedicated server for each site and is suitable for the sites having decent amount of traffic and customized application. In simpler words Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting overcomes the limitations of the shared hosting.

It is one of the most commonly used methods of hosting websites around the world. In this, the web designer utilizes the services of a web hosting company that uses one or more servers to host the websites of their clients. The major advantage of this form of hosting is that in a small payment, your website will become live. Also, there is no technical expertise required on the part of the customer and at a low-cost the website can be deployed quickly. However, it’s a must that you hire a reputed and credible shared hosting service in this regard. Also, ensure that the hosting service provides you with wide range of features.

VPS are aimed at providing the flexibility to the customers by giving them a dedicated server so that they can modify it according to their needs. Usually, the customers are provided an empty server along with administrative access so that they can configure it in the way they want. However, it will require a substantial amount of technical expertise on the part of the customer to deliver the desired results.As there are no restrictions and limitations on the content, apps and widgets, you can be as creative as you want. Also, as the servers are not shared there is no risk of security breach. However, all these things come for a price and this is why VPS packages are expensive then the shared hosting.