Stainless Steel Appliances in Black

One of the things that I did not like about the new kitchens when I designed mine was that everything had to be stainless. It was the latest and greatest thing that all people were doing in their kitchens. My biggest mistake was getting it because it is so very hard to clean. I decided to get black stainless this time for my condo in Parc Esta and I am so glad that I got it for the reason being that the black never gets any fingerprints on it and all you have to do is wipe it off with a towel or cloth. I am so happy that I added that kind of fridge to my kitchen, but now my kitchen does not all match because my dish washer is the original gray type of stainless that everyone else had so of course that was something that I had to have because of all the shows we watched, they all had that in their new homes.

In speaking with many of my friends and family it turns out that many people did not like the old stainless as well. In fact, at the local Christmas party for our area, it was a huge conversation piece. A lot of people were complaining about their appliances and saying how hard it was to get them clean but there are always so many fingerprints on them from all of the kids that they have running around the house. I never really had small kids to worry about that but thinking about little fingerprints all over my old fridge would be enough to send me into a full on anxiety attack and that is something that I would never want to happen while I had little kids running around my house and around me.