Started My Classes at Charleston Southern

I really can not complain too much, although I suppose that my boss could do plenty of that for me. He is not really pleased that I have started living with his youngest daughter, but the job is not that great and she is awesome. So I really do not care much about his thinking. At any rate she has one of these really nice apartments near North Charleston SC and I started to live there when I started going to school again. I already have an associate degree, but I need to get a better one if I want to get a good job and that is the plan. Of course Emily is going to end up running the place for her father and everyone is going to be better off for it. She is already doing all of the day to day stuff and really the clients are delighted. She is a lot more responsive to what they want and she has modernized things.

In fact she is often mean to me at the office for her own wicked pleasure. Everyone there knows about us, but she makes a point of being harder on me than all of the other people who work for her father. Of course that does not mean that he gets to be mean to me. I am quite sure that he would fire me for no other reason than having the nerve to date his daughter. It is pretty obvious that he is getting in retirement mode though. That is another reason why he does not like me, ever since he found out that I am so much better at golf than he is. I am not good however, at least that is how I look at it. I am much better than he is without cheating like he does.