The End of a Project

My father has been working for a project for the past 20 years. He got an old race car for a low price because it was in poor condition. He decided to restore it and keep it in his garage. Although he couldn’t legally race it in the street, he was still happy to have the car and worked on it every chance he got. I’ve seem him add various parts to the car, and have even helped him with the restoration process. I bought a plate from to help him commemorate the project finally coming to an end.

Both my father and I had mixed feelings about the car finally being restored. Although we’re both glad to see the car looking the way it should and having all of the parts it needs, it meant that there would be nothing else to do to the car. There would no longer be any weekends where my father would go to the garage and start working on it. There wouldn’t be any times where I would come down to help him when I had a moment. It was a bittersweet feeling that we knew would happen eventually, but never really took the time to think about until the end.

Once my father put the show plate on the car, the project was finally done. My father and I looked at the car, and came to a decision. We started looking at some ads to find another old car that we could purchase for a cheap price. We wanted to begin another restoration job as soon as possible, and we didn’t care if it took us another 20 years to do. I was already looking online for a show plate that would be able to go on the next finished car.