The Kids Wanted a Fish Tank So We Started Small

The kids wanted a fish tank. However, I know how kids can be flitting from one like to the next. I figured we should try something such as a Betta first to see if they would care for the fish, or if it would end up being my wife and I caring for the fish. I had a fish tank when I was a child, and I know that the goldfish and Betta did not require the level of equipment necessary as tropical fish do. We looked at a Betta fish guide online. Click here to see it for yourself. I do need to add that goldfish can be particularly dirty, but you don’t usually need a heater for the tank. Betta can often get by without a filter or pump.

I believe you should care for any animals you keep Even if it is only a Betta fish you paid couple of bucks for. That is a life regardless of where it is at on the food chain. We wanted to instill that into the kids, but we also did not want to put out a thousand bucks for a tropical fish tank setup that was only going to hold their interest for a week or two. Yes, I know there is that initial phase of wonder that does wear off, but I enjoyed my fish tank for years. It was very soothing to look at in a darkened room with just the tank light on. Even hearing the bubbles coming from the filter was soothing.

A friend of ours set up a saltwater tank. He spent a fortune doing it. However, he also has a lot of money. He is always flitting from one thing to the next as an adult. We do not have the luxury of wasting money like that, so we start small and work our way up in things.