The New Doorbell Cameras Are Really Useful

We have a fence around our property. There is a gate up close to the porch. You have to open it and then go up to the front door. Times have changed, so I installed an intercom at the gate to get people we do not know to stop there before proceeding up to the door. The problem is that I could hear them and talk to them, but I could not see them. We had ADT in Rochester NY come out and install one of those fancy new doorbells that have a camera and two-way communication. I had low-voltage power out at the gate that a doorbell uses, and the device connects to that for power. Now I can see and communicate with whoever is at the gate.

The gate is partway up the sidewalk to the front door. So, you have to be headed up to our house to get close to it. The motion sensor on the doorbell camera detects when anyone is approaching. It snaps a picture of them and sends notification to our phones no matter where we are. Also, I can answer when anyone pushes the button no matter if we are home or not. This is great if you have criminals casing a neighborhood to see who is at home and who is not. Even if criminals know how the system works, they do not know if you are home or not. Plus, they would know that they had their picture taken and there would be video footage of them at the doorbell too.

I can review when packages are dropped off and if anyone would ever try to steal one. I like the peace of mind just that simple doorbell camera provides, and I like the physical distance the gate provides. You can have your regular doorbells replaced with these cool cameras that even have night vision.