The Power of a Good Video

I had started to notice a trend in church attendance. I have been a pastor for nearly three decades, and the youth portion of our congregation gets smaller and smaller every year, it seems. Our youth group used to have several dozen kids in it, and today there are only 14. The sad part is that other church pastors have told me that 14 is an impressive number! To me, it is not, and that is why I decided to contract out some work to a video production house in Singapore.

I knew that we had to grab the attention of the youth with a catchy video. A common misconception is that church is boring, or people who go to church are not allowed to have any fun. I figured if I could get a nice video showing just how much fun our kids do have at our events, it might get some other kids interested in at least trying it out. The kids were all for the idea, and we talked over what we wanted with the video house. They gave us some suggestions that we did not even think of, which is why they are the professionals, I suppose!

It did not take them long to make the video that we wanted. I did have one part that I wanted changed, and they did so without any issues at all. The finished product was a better video than I could have ever imagined. I put it up on our website, and also it was put on all of our social media sites. It was incredible to see the rapid response to it. The very next youth meeting had over 20 kids there. The video has been on our sites for nearly two months now, and we have 30 kids who are regularly attending. That is the power of a good video!