The Social Status of Having Wigs Made of Real Hair

Weaves. I don’t get them. I’m hardly judging them but I simply have a difficult time understanding why women put so much energy into their hair. I once dated a woman who would spend up to two hours fixing her hair for work! I get up in the morning and run some mousse through my hair and that’s that. It takes a whole minute to get the job done. So what did my girlfriend ask for Christmas? Brazilian body wave hair bundles! I could only stare at her in bafflement. It was like she was speaking another language for women. Weave. Body. Hair bundles?!

I didn’t know hair could come in bundles. Heck, I didn’t even know you could buy hair online. I mean, you can buy wigs and the like online but actual human hair that has been treated for specific purposes? That’s a new one for me. Apparently people can sell their hair online which buyers will purchase in order to treat them so they can be used for weaves. I’ve even wanted a certain hair type myself but I never thought to buy a wig made of actual human hair in order to have it myself. The notion blows my mind still.

It must not be a masculine thing to do because I haven’t found a single website that sells wigs for men. It would be cheaper just to buy some coloring product and color it myself. I’m sure human hair is a premium product. No doubt it’s luxurious to have a wig made entirely from someone else’s hair – it has to be some kind of social thing, otherwise why not spend the money on some realistic synthetic hair instead? It’s like how faux fur is cheaper than actual fur – it’s all a social status concept that we apply worth and value to that which is more ‘real’.