The Website That Helped to Stop Bullying

Literacy is the basic tool that enables people to debate changes and ...I’m very happy that my daughter was able to get involved with a website that helped to conquer bullying. My daughter was a freshman in high school, and she was very involved in student affairs. She realized that bullying was a very big problem in her high school and she wanted to do something to stop it She and some of her friends decided that they would make a web site to help the victims of bullying, and also to stop bullying from being something that was commonplace in high schools. My daughter is a very caring individual, and she absolutely hates to see anybody abused or mistreated, so she rarely wanted to do all that she could to help people to stop bullying.

She was surprised by all of the responses that she got to her web page. She’d put an ad in the high school paper, and she also put an ad in the junior high paper. She had many students that were on the web site that complained about the way that they were treated by other students, they were afraid to tell the teachers, because they did not want to get beat up, but at the same time they wanted the bullying to stop.

My daughter was able to help form a support group for all of the victims of bullying, and they were able to write up a petition to the principle of the junior high school and the high school to make bullying a very serious offense at school. The teachers and principals all agreed with my daughter’s idea, and now if anyone is found bullying another student they can be suspended from school for up to two weeks. I’m very happy that my daughter was able to get kids in her age group talking, because many kids are too scared to tell all the adults about the way that they are treated by other schoolmates, but the same time it is very important that adults know so that they can do something to stop it.