They Fixed Mom’s Damaged Roof

My mom has lived in the same house for most of her adult life. It is a nice house, and there are a lot of amazing memories there both for my brother and myself as well as our own children. She is on a fixed budget, which is why my brother and I take care of the maintenance upkeep for her home. When the big maple tree fell during a storm, we knew that we needed to hire a company that does roof repair in Brooklyn NY because it damaged a section of the roof.

We can handle small things like fixing a squeaky door or painting a room for her, but we knew that this was best left to the professionals. We hired a tree cutting service to remove the tree, and my brother suggested we use the same company that did his neighbor’s roof for our mom’s house. I saw the crew working on his neighbor’s house, and we had even commented then how fast they were. Several years later, the roof looks great and his neighbor has had no problems with it. He gave us the name and contact info for the roof repair company, and we were able to have someone come look at Mom’s house pretty fast.

We were not sure what it was going to cost us or how soon it would be able to be done, but we did not have to worry on either count. We were given a very fair estimate, and they were able to start the work within a couple of days. They had everything done the same day, and her roof looks really good. Best of all, she feels safe knowing that it was done right the first time. I know I am going to use the same company when it is time for me to get a new roof too!