This is a Safe Cheat to Use

The best thing about the forge of empires diamond cheat, at least for me, is that it is safe to use. I don’t understand why game creators get so upset about players that use a little extra help to move forward in a game. Sure, it is technically cheating, but it’s not like it hurts anyone. I don’t know anyone who quit a game because some other player that they never met decided to play a little fast and loose with the game. Who cares? It’s not having an effect on your progress. It’s not like you get a trophy for winning.

Over the years I’ve actually been banned from several online and mobile only games. I never understood why. They said I cheated, which I did, but again it didn’t compromise the integrity of the playing experience or harm other players directly. So when I first started playing forge of empires, I decided to keep things on the up and up. I played regularly and refused to use any shortcuts or even talk about such things with other players. I avoided any mentions of hacks, cheats, codes, or anything else that could be construed as trying to game the game.

Then I heard about a cheat that works well because it leaves no trace behind. I went online and read about it and the promises sounded good. A lot of people have used this cheat with great effectiveness and as far as I can tell not a single one of them got kicked out of the game. So I downloaded the cheat and set about boosting my diamonds. I did it gradually so as to not draw attention and I think it worked. I’ve yet to hear anything from anyone and am still playing. I have to say it’s a better playing experience because of this cheat.