Traditional Chinese Medicine Has a Place in This World

When I first moved to Singapore, I didn’t exactly have my priorities straight. Instead of looking for a dentist or doctor as the first order of business, I looked for a good hair salon and the best seafood restaurant in the area. I knew that I would be using those places first, because my annual examination was not due for several more months for either one. I was not counting on getting sick, and then not being able to recover quickly. My neighbor told me I should do a search for Singapore TCM and find a doctor that way.

I did not even know what TCM meant, and she explained that it is just traditional Chinese medicine. I was confused because I was not sure how that would help me. To be honest, I was not even sure what someone who practices TCM would even do for someone like me. I decided to take her suggestion though because she had become a good friend to me, and I knew she would not steer me wrong. I looked up traditional Chinese medicine first so I could understand what it was, and I was impressed with all the information I was able to read on it.

I like that they do not discount western medicine at all, which can be very dangerous since there are so many advancements in modern medicine. The more I read though, the more I realized that there is still a place for traditional eastern medicine too, and I was intrigued enough to make an appointment with a local clinic that offers this kind of service. The doctor there did an examination, and then he told me which herbs to take. I also had acupuncture for the first time. The end result is that I not only felt better quickly, but I felt even better than what I had before I became sick!