Training Videos That Are Fun

When my boss asked me to find a company that does video production in Singapore, I asked him what he wanted exactly. He explained that he wanted some new training videos made. He had some done in-house, but they were quite boring. He used them, but he could tell that they were not very effective. He needed something that was entertaining yet informative, which was a pretty tall order. At least, I thought that it was. I looked into different companies that offer video creation services, and I showed him the website of the one that I liked best.

He contacted them the same day, and he liked everything he heard from them. A meeting was arranged, and he was surprised at how quickly everything came together. The video production company had to understand everything that had to go into the videos they were going to create, which meant spending a lot of time with me. I answered all of their questions and showed them everything they would need to know in order to create entertaining training videos. They did a mock write up of what they would do, and I liked it so I knew that my boss would as well.

Once they had all of the information they needed, things went into warp speed. I figured it would take weeks if not months to get what we needed since so much was involved, but the video company delivered in less time than I expected. My boss and I watched the first two videos they created together, and they were absolutely perfect. They touched on all of the important things that new workers needed to know, but they did it in a way that was entertaining, which means the workers will retain it a lot better. I can’t wait to see what they do next for us now.