Working on My Computer Science Project

I decided to do this after I realized my roommate was the sort of creepy guy who would try to use this kik hack on girls. I am not sure whether or not he managed it or if it was ever anything more than the sort of loose talk you hear from people who have had more to drink than they needed. At any rate he had this really weird plan to spy on this girl he was obsessed with. He was going to hack into her phone and figure out what she liked and where she was going, then some way or another he was going to end up as her boy toy. Of course these sorts of guys are never quite as smart as they think they are and personally I never believed that he was going to be able to do any of it. At least I did not think he could succeed at a plan unless it involved far less detail than this.

However after doing a little bit of internet research I realized that this sort of intrusion is a big deal. There are literally dozens of programs that do this sort of thing, on Kik and on the other apps that do the same thing. Of course a lot of the people who use them are spying on the people closest to them. It is wives spying on husbands and parents spying on kids. Obviously if you own the phone, then this sort of thing is probably going to be legal. For other situations it could be a lot more serious. For example there are plenty of people in this world who have enemies and they are going to be worried about their enemies knowing what they are doing and where they are going to be.