The Best Entertainment Options for a Boy’s Bar Mitzvah

As a practicing religious Jew, I am worried about my son’s Bar Mitzvah who will turn 13 in the middle of the year, and therefore looking for alternatives and options on how to make my son’s Bar Mitzvah unforgettable for us but especially for my son. So I looked through friends with kids and on the internet for bar mitzvah entertainment options.After analyzing a lot and contacting several sources I found several entertainment options. One of the first options I found was about DJ shows with varied music, not just dance music because not all young people feel comfortable entering the dance floor and fraternization music can be useful in this case, in addition to having, of course, Jewish music for the event.Another option I found was concerted with LED performers where performers wearing LED costumes or a variety of LED props, including hula hoops, juggling teams, or clubs.Based on this line of shows, options for circus artists who perform trapeze shows, silks, jumps, etc. can greatly entertain guests and people at the event.Magic shows are quite interesting for this, as almost everyone holds their attention when magic tricks occur.One of the best forms of entertainment for teenagers at a Bar Mitzvah are options that involve technology, video games, or virtual reality devices and so that parents are not excluded at the event, bring old games that are from the time of the parents of teenagers like Pac Man, Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and other games.And finally, the option that almost always attracts people to an event is the food and drink options, with options that generally please everyone like pizza, hamburgers, soft drinks, some alcoholic beverages for adults, and of course, kosher food. After analyzing all these options, I decided to choose an entertainment option, such as a musical DJ, a magic show, technology options, and of course, food and drink options.

I Need to Find a New Apartment

I guess that I am going to have to find a new place to lay my head at night, although I have been pretty lucky up to this point when it comes to roommates. Worse I have run out of the money I made in the summer doing tree pruning in Hendersonville NC. I have heard all sorts of stories about this sort of thing going bad. One guy I know from computer science told me that his roommate thought that he had figured out a way to beat these internet betting sites. Instead of that he ended up blowing all of the rent money for two months and one day my friend found an eviction notice on the door, even though he had given the other guy his part of the rent. This thing that happened to me is a lot less dramatic, the landlord simply thinks that they can get rid of me and the deal I made with his mother, then turn around and get double the rent on this place. Unfortunately for me he is probably close to right. I got a great deal on this place from a really sweet old lady who has now retired and moved to Myrtle Beach, SC.

I have been dating a really great girl and I have been trying to figure out if I want to move in with her, but there is not much chance of that happening. She came out and told me as much. She is living with her best friend and she told me that she was not really paying rent. The other girl has a doctor and a lawyer for parents, not the poor sorts of doctors or lawyers either. They came up here, found her a little house and bought it on the theory that when she was done with it, they would sell it. In meantime they do not have to pay rent for her or worry about the sort of drama I have.

Picking a Different Shower Door

Wanting to redo a whole bathroom is a lot of work for someone to do. I know when I started the process, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was overwhelmed with tiles, different sinks, flooring, and other parts of a bathroom that I just never thought of. It wasn’t until I had contacted someone from a business that dealt with shower doors in Somerset county NJ that I realized that there are a lot of different kinds of shower doors.

When I sat down with them to go over doors, they asked what type of door did I currently have and did I like it. I told them “I have no idea, it’s just a door on the shower.” I got explained that there were different kinds of doors for showers, like framed or frame less. I know my door has a frame, so I told them that. From there, I looked at photos of different doors and picked the frosted shower door because that was what looked the most like the door I currently have. They walked me through the pros and cons of all the other doors. Turns out, I just really liked the look of a rain glass shower door. It was the one that I kept looking at thinking “I just love that!”

After I picked a door, I had to wait a while for the company to get the door in the measurements that I needed. As soon as that happened, they were over really fast to put it in for me. I love the look and feel that it really compliments the whole new bathroom now. Installation was quick and easy, this company knew what they were doing. I expected a task like this to take all day, but it just took a little more than 3 hours. I look taking a shower now. The door looks amazing and it is easy to use and clean!

Cleaning Differences with Carpet and Vinyl

Finding flooring in Singapore is easy to do. There was places all over that have all kinds of flooring for you to look at, purchase, and have installed. Finding Singapore vinyl flooring is even easier. A lot of the flooring shops in Singapore have a wide selection of vinyl for you to pick from. A lot of the flooring is cheap as well, it’s a great option for anyone redoing a home.

Some things to consider with vinyl flooring is how much it will get walked on. The traction and use of the flooring is important to consider. With carpets, the flooring can be pact down a lot faster and quicker than with other flooring. This would be leaving a path through the floor which is not only unsightly, but also annoying. The sooner the carpet does that, the sooner the floor needs to be replaced. Carpet looks nice, but the care having to be put into maintaining the carpet is not worth it to some people. With vinyl flooring, the resistance of the flooring really makes it more durable. It can be stepped on over and over with little to no visible marks left on the flooring after years of use.

Another thing to think about and consider is spilling things on the floor. With carpet, you spill something and you might spend an hour trying to clean that spot up. Even something like water can cause a water stain on the carpet and make it a different color. Forget getting something like wine or soda spilled on the floor. That stain likely won’t come out at all without some real elbow grease. With vinyl flooring, clean-up is a breeze. No stains and all you really need is at least a paper towel or a wet cloth to clean up in seconds.

It’s Time for a Replacement

I’ve been looking at some of the corporate secretarial services in Singapore these days. I’m in dire need of a new secretary because the one that is currently working for my company is doing a poor job. She wasn’t so poor at her job at first, but for some reason she’s gotten worse at it each month, and I think it’s finally time to let her go. I wish I didn’t have to do it, especially since these are dire times for everyone, but sometimes you have to do what needs to be done.

The secretary has been working at the company for a couple of years now. When she started at the company, she was hopeful, energetic, and would get everything done in a timely manner without any mistakes. Now she takes forever to do anything and will often have a lot of mistakes in the documents she makes. She misspells names, leaves all kinds of data errors, and everyone else has to correct her mistakes. I’ve tried talking to her about it many times, but she seems to keep getting worse. Replacing her with someone who can do a better job is the only course of action that I can think of to solve this problem.

From what I’ve seen online and heard from other people, the secretarial service secretaries are pretty good. A close friend of mine who has a business hired one from a company, and he’s had no problems at all with her. I think that if I hired a new secretary, they would be able to handle the work that the old secretary had to do without running into any problems. I’m fairly lenient and can give the secretary an adjustment period if necessary, but I don’t think that they will need one because our work isn’t that intense.

Getting Involved is So Personally Rewarding

I wasn’t sure how I was going to make friends when my husband’s job moved us from one part of the country to the opposite coast. I was really nervous since our ten year old daughter was going to have to make new friends and find a soccer team that she could play on. She is one of the best players in our home team and I was worried the she wouldn’t find a team to play in the new town. I looked online at links and saw that there were a lot of different soccer clubs in the area and that if you paid to play, that you could play with kids from different towns and be on a travel team. I thought that it was going to be a good experience to call ahead and send some of her stats to some of the better teams in the new area where we were being moved to.

I saw that there was a travel team with girls her age and they were looking for a striker, she is a striker and she had the most goals scored on her team least year and that was at a very competitive team level. I was glad that we were moving to a warmer climate because that meant that we were going to be able to play outside more months during the year and that she could become a much better player than playing at the local indoor places during the winter in our home state. I was excited to see how she would improve her game being able to go and play outside more months during the year. I was excited to see that there were people who were willing to help me when I got some emails back from the new coaches.

I Have My Trees Pruned Every Year

Every year I have a Nassau County tree service company come out and prune all of my trees. I didn’t always have a professional tree service do this until about five years after a big ice storm came through and caused a lot of damage. When the ice formed on the branches it was too much weight and they started snapping off like toothpicks. These were branches of all sizes from the tiniest ones to the largest ones that hung over the top of my house. It’s amazing how something like ice covered trees can be so beautiful yet so dangerous at the same time. I was lucky during that storm that I didn’t suffer any property damage which could have very easily happened. Continue reading I Have My Trees Pruned Every Year

Seeing What I Could Have for My Rent Money Motivated Me to Move

My brother got frustrated with me when he came to visit and just told me to look at where I was living. I could afford a much nicer place, but I get used to things and kind of fear change. He took me around my apartment and pointed out that I had a pair of vice grip pliers on the shower faucet cold water side to turn it on. There was a soft spot on the bathroom floor too. The carpeting in the living room was threadbare. We got online to look at apartments, and you can click here to see what we found. The new place is super, and I do not think I will ever settle into just settling for things again.

I don’t know why I was living the way I did. It just sort of happened over time. Continue reading Seeing What I Could Have for My Rent Money Motivated Me to Move

Taking Control Gave Me the Strength That I Needed

When the third hint of the month fell into my lap that led me to believe my husband was cheating, I wondered how I allowed myself to get into such a troublesome relationship. I finally realized that I needed to take charge and do something about it. He had been spending a lot of time online, and I looked into how to hack an Instagram account to see if that would be some help. I turned out to be a tremendous help. I got the answer that I wanted by using the information that I found, and then I found the strength to stand tall and get out of the relationship permanently.

It may sound like I am an incredibly strong person who was able to get out with no trouble, but it really wasn’t like that at all. I had been in my marriage for 15 years, and over time, I changed a lot because of how bad the relationship was. I had made the mistake of trying to hang on for dear life because I wanted things to work. But my husband was determined to run his life into the ground and didn’t care how it affected me as a fellow human being. I finally realized that he just couldn’t see it, and I was done trying.

The day that I was finally able to see what was going on with his online photo account was the day that I found the strength to move on. There were so many private messages in it between him and another woman he had met through the site. Prior to this, I had long suspected that he had cheated on me at least 4 times, but I was never able to get proof. Now I had proof, and it was very empowering.

My Sister is Obsessed with Her Breasts

Of course she is looking at all sorts of weird things and she knows quite well that there is not any chance that Mom and Dad are going to go for a surgeon taking a knife to her. The girl is only fourteen years old. It all seems to have started when a couple of her friends started to blossom as some people say. She was really jealous since guys started paying more attention to her friends. She has been looking at this site called and talking about the pills and creams they hawk there. It is not a good idea to my way of thinking, although I sort of think that there is not really that much that could go wrong. In fact I am guessing that the pills and the creams do not really do anything. Continue reading My Sister is Obsessed with Her Breasts

Making Sure We Get the Limousine Lined Up

Making sure we had a Toronto limo lined up for the wedding was the least of my worries. This is my third marriage (third time’s the charm!), and I wanted to avoid some of the problems I encountered planning my previous two ceremonies. The second one was an absolute nightmare in that while I did remember to book the limo, I failed to make a plan for something going wrong. The service we hired had a fire in their garage the night before the ceremony and lo and behold we rolled away from the church in my mother’s Toyota Camry.

I had a chuckle when researching limo companies online after running across a site that suggested making back up plans in case something happens to the limousine you want. I couldn’t agree more! That is why this time around I’m not taking any chances. I’m planning the wedding (I’m 60 and my parents are long gone and not paying for it), and I’m making sure I leave nothing to chance. I’ve called at least three limo companies and I have two options in case something happens to my primary choice. I hate to be paranoid, but being paranoid means being prepared.

I’m hopeful the limo I picked makes it to the ceremony, though. It’s a lovely vehicle with enough space inside to play a football match! Seriously, it’s going to be a great ride and I’m sure my wife to be will love showing off with it in front of her friends and her family. My son thought it was so great that he wants to ride in it with us! That won’t be happening, obviously, but he is correct that it’s pretty stylish. I wish I could drive around in a limo like this every day of the week! It would be fabulous!

The Relaxation Found Inside the Shower

If there’s one thing that I enjoy most about my house it’s got to be the shower. Some people enjoy their bedrooms and prefer to invest in wonderful mattresses that can carry them off to their dreams. I love a well night’s rest as much as anyone else but I’ve got to say that the shower is where so much of my relaxation and thinking is actually done. This is why I invest heavily in the shower, including up to the shower doors in Essex County NJ. I’ve dumped a lot of money into my shower and I regret not a single penny that I’ve spent on it. Continue reading The Relaxation Found Inside the Shower

Rent a Yacht in Singapore

Do you want a taste of the good life during your trip to Singapore? Then you owe it to yourself to visit to see some amazing yachts and luxury vessels which are available for your hire.

Renting a quality vessel from offers amazing advantages. First, you can cruise in luxury between jaw-dropping tourist sites like a maze of shopping arcades and restaurants located in Orchard Road, and the world class live entertainment venues like jazz bars, restaurants and pubs! And second, these amazing boats offer an unprecedented way to explore and appreciate the rich and diverse marine life of Singapore. With your yacht at your command you can spent your nights moored off of a tropical island, where you can dive, snorkel, chill on the beach, or [play water sports with your guests.

Did you know that it’s actually easier to rent a yacht than it is to find a vacation’s worth of hotel rentals? And makes it easy for you to rent a yacht. It can get you the best price by helping you decise on the capacity of the vessel you should rent.

Best of all, renting a yacht ensures your privacy for maximum pleasure and enjoyment. You don’t have to share a cabin with smelly or noisy guests! You will be the captain of your vacation experience. It’s like owning your own super luxury yacht!

Whether you’re an old hand yacht rental or just starting out we can show you foolproof methods to find the best cruising speed, range, handling characteristics and even help you find your own friendly and experienced yacht master to help you every step of the way.

We know that there are other companies offering yards for rent. But we can guarantee that none give you the best price and highest quality that we can offer, because we combed the earth for the best possible boats as well as crew as well as yacht masters to give you the best advice and the most exciting experience every day and night of your stay in Singapore, one of the most exciting corners of the world.

Fallen Trees Are No Match for Them!

In the spring, there was a huge storm that knock out the power and knocked out some trees in the yard. For a few days, we waited for the lights to come back on. That wasn’t the worst part, the worst part was the trees that fell around our home. We were going to clean them up ourselves, but the damage was too much. After starting on one tree, I quickly realized that this not a job for me. I went to the internet to find anyone in Asheville tree service that could help.

My husband and I got lucky. The first few tree services we called weren’t able to take on anyone due to all of the other tree damage in the area. We went down the list and found someone who was cheap and would be able to come to our home and cut up the trees. He had a small team with him and was reasonable with the price. At that point, I would have paid anything to get the trees up. Especially knowing how busy everyone in that service was.

They came out the next day, really early in the morning, and worked all day long. I offered them lemonade and snacks as a thank you for coming out. I realized that having them doing that was a luxury, something that most people wasn’t able to have. They appreciated the breaks and I appreciated them cleaning up the trees that fell! When they day was nearing the end, they had finished their job and was actually picking up the wood and loading it into a truck to haul off so I didn’t have to do that. It was the little details like that that really made me appreciate their work even more.

When I went to pay, one of the men told me to worry about that the next day. They were going to leave a load of wood to be hauled off in the morning and would come back by to do that before they start their next job then. In the morning, they came and I paid them and gave them all homemade cookies. We were all thrilled, me with the price and them with the cookies!

Lovebirds Are More Complex Creatures Than I Thought

When I was younger, my uncle went to a local department store and purchased lovebirds. They were white, small and I could not really see why he was so fascinated with them. While they weren’t terrible or anything, it is not like they talked like parrots or something.

One day while he was cleaning his room, one of them flew out of the window. he had this panic attack and told my brother and me to go back to the store and purchase another. I wish that was around at the time because I would have known that what he was implying was far from the truth. he told us that these birds needed the love of one another to live and that the remaining bird would die if we did not go replace the missing one ASAP.

The worst thing about him saying that is the fact that were were pretty young. I am sure I was in middle school and my brother was still in elementary. Imagine how horrified we were at the thought of that. We pretty much raced to the store as fast as we could since we thought that a life was in our hands. I look back on it and know that my uncle was misinformed and lazy.

I am not a huge bird fan myself, but I have a friend who is interested in buying some. I think she should be smarter than my uncle and head to before she makes a purchase. This way she can be a responsible pet owner instead of one of those people who own pets but do not take the time to do their research. I would never buy a pet that I did not take the time to learn about. Especially since they are living creatures and not just there for your enjoyment.

The Power of a Good Video

I had started to notice a trend in church attendance. I have been a pastor for nearly three decades, and the youth portion of our congregation gets smaller and smaller every year, it seems. Our youth group used to have several dozen kids in it, and today there are only 14. The sad part is that other church pastors have told me that 14 is an impressive number! To me, it is not, and that is why I decided to contract out some work to a video production house in Singapore.

I knew that we had to grab the attention of the youth with a catchy video. A common misconception is that church is boring, or people who go to church are not allowed to have any fun. I figured if I could get a nice video showing just how much fun our kids do have at our events, it might get some other kids interested in at least trying it out. Continue reading The Power of a Good Video

I Am Still Moving Around Now

Of course the current conditions in Hong Kong are not favorable to me, and the truth is that I have a lot of friends there who sort of make it impossible for me to remain there. The authorities in mainland China likely would not care what my passport says if they thought that arresting me would serve some sort of purpose for them. At any rate right now I am working in mobile app development in Singapore, although that is just a temporary thing. I am not even really sure that I have a legal right to work in this city without going through some hoops or at least getting all of the proper paperwork. In fact I am not even acting as though I am here for that purpose. Continue reading I Am Still Moving Around Now

One by One They Trade

Every day I go to the local coffee shop and use the bitcoin trading app on my phone to trade bitcoin. The coffee show is a quiet place where I can trade in peace while having a delicious beverage. Some customers came into the coffee shop while I was using the app and they asked me what I was doing. They were entranced by the colors of the chart that showed the price changes. I told them all about bitcoin and they had some idea of what it was, but didn’t know how to make trades.

I told the customers more about trading bitcoin and they wanted to try it for themselves. I told them where to download the app and once they did, they started making their first trades. Continue reading One by One They Trade

The End of a Project

My father has been working for a project for the past 20 years. He got an old race car for a low price because it was in poor condition. He decided to restore it and keep it in his garage. Although he couldn’t legally race it in the street, he was still happy to have the car and worked on it every chance he got. I’ve seem him add various parts to the car, and have even helped him with the restoration process. I bought a plate from to help him commemorate the project finally coming to an end.

Both my father and I had mixed feelings about the car finally being restored. Continue reading The End of a Project

He is Making Sure Gram is Financially Okay

Life can be so unfair. My grandfather worked hard all his life so he could provide a good home and good lives for his wife and children. He did not know that by doing so, he would be cutting his own life short. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma nearly a year ago. I knew that was cancer, but I had no idea what all it meant. Cancer is cured in so many people nowadays, but there is no cure for this particular cancer. The only thing that made it easier for my grandfather was finding out about mesothelioma compensation.

While he would have chosen life over money, he did not have that luxury. He can only do what is realistic for his family. He is still young, barely retirement age, which is the irony in all of this. But the doctors gave him just two years because the cancer was so advanced. There were lots of tears, many prayers, and finally acceptance that this was something out of our control. Continue reading He is Making Sure Gram is Financially Okay

Fuel for the Work Day

I work from home, and every day I have to resist the urge to jump right back into bed and go to sleep. When I used to go to work at an office, I was forced to travel and I would stay awake by getting a cup of coffee from the break room. At home, I didn’t have my own coffee maker, so I found some good recommendations from Cuppabean and purchased one to aide me in my quest to stay awake in the morning. I don’t like to drink too much coffee, because it will make my heart beat faster and give me a jittery feeling.

I could have just drank some energy drinks, but I don’t really like the taste of those. The drinks I’ve tried are usually sugary and they have some kind of weird after taste. Continue reading Fuel for the Work Day

A Surprise Party and Magic Act for My Birthday

My wife hired a top magician in London for a surprise birthday party for me. I wasn’t expecting to have a party this year, and my wife and I went out for dinner. The dinner was all a diversion so that I wouldn’t suspect that people were waiting at home for the party. As soon as I stepped in the door after coming back home from dinner, everyone yelled “surprise” and I nearly had a heart attack. They all did a good job of keeping the party a secret. Even though I had just come from dinner, I was still hungry enough for the birthday cake they had for me.

The magician at the party started his act by doing a magic trick with me. Continue reading A Surprise Party and Magic Act for My Birthday

An Aluminum Body for an Artifical Being

I was watching a robot battle show with my friends and we thought it would be cool to make our own robot and enter it on the show to compete with other robots. We came up with some designs for the shape of the robot, figured out what the main weapon would be, and thought about what materials would be best to make the robot. We decided that it would be easier to use slot framing from an aluminum extrusion company, rather than trying to find random bits of aluminum to put together a frame, or casting our own.

Getting the aluminum frames for the robot was the easy part. A lot of the difficulty of constructing the robot came in programming it, and getting the main weapon to work without the robot flipping over. We also had to think of a way to get the robot to self right if it was ever flipped on its backside. When a robot is flipped upside down and can’t turn over, the referee counts the robot out after ten seconds and it automatically loses. Continue reading An Aluminum Body for an Artifical Being

I Needed to Have Customized Spreadsheet Help

I was at my wit’s end trying to make Excel work for me. For my personal uses, it was very easy. I had no idea how to create the spreadsheets that I needed for my growing business though. I needed to keep extremely accurate records, and I was just not able to do the spreadsheets exactly how I wanted them to be. I needed to have reports run daily, with some being run multiple times throughout the day. I felt lost because I am the furthest thing from an Excel expert that there is.

I knew that there had to be someone out there that could help me though so I went online and started looking. I was disappointed when I did not find anyone local. Continue reading I Needed to Have Customized Spreadsheet Help

My Son Has a Bright Future in Dance

I wanted to find a good Toronto dance school for my son. I did not want to find one that would just hone his skills a bit, where he would be in a recital or two with other dancers who were not as passionate as he is about dance. My son wants to be a professional dancer, and I wanted to find him a dance studio that would be able to help him reach his dreams. He has always shown amazing talent, but he knew that he needed to have instruction by someone who understands his own passion for it.

I looked at several different dance studios in the area, but I was not pleased with any until I looked at one that is just a bit further away. It may take us an extra ten minutes to get there, but that is well worth it for the instruction that he gets there. The instructors are world class, and they have the same passion that my son exhibits for dance. Continue reading My Son Has a Bright Future in Dance

I Ordered My Wedding Invitations Online

I was going to create my own wedding invitations because that just seemed the thing to do with modern weddings. I looked at a social media platform for some ideas, and I picked out the invitations I wanted to use. I purchased the materials to print them myself, and I was horrified at how they turned out. They did not look nice at all but rather cheap. I tossed them all in the trash and went to, which is what I should have done from the beginning.

I decided from that point on that I was going to leave things to the professionals that should stay with them. Continue reading I Ordered My Wedding Invitations Online

Stainless Steel Appliances in Black

One of the things that I did not like about the new kitchens when I designed mine was that everything had to be stainless. It was the latest and greatest thing that all people were doing in their kitchens. My biggest mistake was getting it because it is so very hard to clean. I decided to get black stainless this time for my condo in Parc Esta and I am so glad that I got it for the reason being that the black never gets any fingerprints on it and all you have to do is wipe it off with a towel or cloth. Continue reading Stainless Steel Appliances in Black